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3-rd Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

24-31 July 2010 Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

An international young leaders' summit of the SOFIMUN Foundation

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SOFIMUN 2010 Organizational and executive committees


Ms. Paola Ivanova (Org-com)

Supervisory Board (President of SOFIMUN Foundation)


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Paola is a PhD candidate of Media Studies at the Sofia University, focusing her research on the new generation media, the web media, social networks and their influence over the news and the international relations. Paola holds a MA of South Slavic studies from the Sofia University and graduated with honors one of Bulgaria’s top high schools – National Lyceum for Ancient Languages and Cultures. During her MA studies, Paola lived and studied in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Zagreb, Croatia as a scholarship student.


Working for 8 years in the media field as an international desk journalist and editor in various media, currently Paola is a Public Relations manager in a prosperous communication group company. In a meanwhile she proudly occupies the position of a president of the SOFIMUN International Foundation. Another of her important activities is the Rotaract Club Sofia International – Rotary Youth to which she’s a Secretary-General and Vice President elect for 2010-2011.


Fluent in English, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, with descent knowledge of Russian, basic in Turkish and Slovenian, now Paola is meeting the challenge of learning more and more new languages.


The remarkable experience called “Model UN” is a great passion for Paola that took her to several events of the kind providing her with the unique possibility to both extend her knowledge on the UN system and work on UN issues, but also to meet lots of new friends and participate in memorable cultural exchanges. Her MUN career started in 2007 at the very first ZAGIMUN in Croatia and continued with chairing at GIMUN 2010 (Geneva), MUNUSAL 2010 (Salamanca), ZAGIMUN 2009 (Zagreb), NAPOMUN 2009 (Cluj-Napoca), MOSTIMUN 2009 (Mostar), being editor in chief at MOSTIMUN 2010 and MILMUN 2010 and delegating at ZAGIMUN 07 and 08, UNISCA 2009 (Amsterdam), where she was honored the best delegate award, THESSISMUN 2008 (Thessaloniki) and several national MUNs in Sofia.


"It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to." - J.D. Salinger, "Catcher in the rye"


Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev (Org-com)

Supervisory Board, Fundraising manager (Executive Director of SOFIMUN Foundation)


Dimiter Mandradjiev is born in Sofia city, Bulgaria in 1986 and a month later he moved to sunny Cairo, Egypt for 3 years. His primary education was in the Baghdad International School under UN guidance in Baghdad, Iraq. He graduated the prestigious 35-th language high-school "Dobri Voinikov" in Sofia, Bulgaria.


He has an excellent bachelor degree in International relations program from New Bulgarian University in Sofia. During his second and third years of studies he was awarded with scholarships for excellent grades. Now he's studying for a Masters degree in International business after which will go to study in a Western society in order to deepen his knowledge upon economic policies related to civil societies' well being.


In 1999 Dimiter started to work upon youth activities. Most of the projects concern patriotism, education, nature and humanity. Meanwhile he founded a communication group company SVETU Ltd. In 2005 he received a gratitude letter from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for the efforts made in developing and accomplishing initiatives and campaigns with patriotic meaning. Also he received a support letter by the Bulgarian prime-minister upon a new movement which he formed also in 2005.


One of Dimiter’s main commitments is in trying to build a better deal for Bulgarian citizens. The membership in various organizations like The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, founder and chairman of the national union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage", co-founder and Executive director of the SOFIMUN foundation are only part of his activities related at NGO level. He tries to make a difference in other organizations such as being President of Rotaract Club Sofia International. He has started making steps in improving his knowledge of different languages. Until now he is still bothered whether Bulgarian or English is his mother tongue, uses Russian and German and will master Arabic for the opportunities he will face in the future.


Dimiter became addicted to MUNs in Vienna in 2006. Since then - ZAGIMUN, THESSISMUN, UNISCA, MOSTIMUN, MUNUSAL, GIMUN, BISMUN and other MUN events - national and international - the aftermath says: 16 MUNs and 6 times chairperson. He feels the spirit of MUNs defiantly coincide with his ideals to make things better – a problem solver.


"I'm faster than you, I'm stronger than you, certainly I'll last much longer than you. You may think I'm the future, but you're wrong-you are! If I had a wish, I'd wish to be human. To know how it feels, to feel, to hope, to despair, to wonder, to love. I can achieve immortality by not wearing out, you can achieve immortality simply by doing one great thing! Keep walking..."

robot from Johnny Walker advertisement.


Ms. Polina Goranova (Org-com)

Supervisory Board (Director of Board of directors of SOFIMUN Foundation)


Born and raised in Bulgaria, Polina holds a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam University. Her educational background also includes economics and computer technology.


Polina got the "MUN virus" about 2 years ago when she participated at UNISCA conference as a Chairperson at the Security Council. GIMUN and TEIMUN quickly followed the same year. Back in 2007 she considered the idea for organizing the first Model United Nations conference in Bulgaria as one of the most exciting initiatives she had ever undertaken. It did not take long to Paola, Dimiter and her to start real preparation for their common goal. Thanks to their entrepreneurial pro-activeness to create this exciting member of the MUN's family that now, in 2010 is about to be held for 3rd time.


Polina's friends say they like working with her because of the constant positive energy she has and her open-minded personality that helps innovation to prevail.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


Mr. Boris Tassev (Ex-com)

Conference manager


Boris Tassev is born on December 29th 1984 in Sofia. Considers himself lucky to have graduated form one of the top high schools in Bulgaria – the First English Language School (FELS). In 2000 he got accepted in Middlesex School of Concord New Hampshire, but he chose to stay in Bulgaria. After four years in FELS, he got accepted at Bard College in NY, Annandale-on-Hudson, back then one of the top 20 Colleges and one of the most expensive ones on a Distinguished Scientist Scholarship for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, which allowed him to stay in the United States for a little bit more than four years.


In the mean time his interests shifted in a new direction. After exploring Mathematics and Computer Science for a year and a half he got introduced to the world of Economics. At that time he moderated for the Department of Economics of Bard College part of the Levy Economic Institute. From that point he delved in the field of Applied Macroeconomics and Finance, exploring the United States financial market and ending his academic work with a year long Senior Project exploring the booming housing crisis in the world focusing primarily on Bulgaria. In the mean time he gained experience in micromanaging in several IT companies in NY.


Currently Boris is back in Bulgaria managing a family company dealing with import of luxury goods, also is an Administrative Director if the SOFIMUN Foundation and a President elect for 2010-2011 of Rotaract Club Sofia International, where he whishes to have the opportunity to make a difference for the Bulgarian society.


Boris enjoys traveling around the world and meeting new people. His passion is the piano and he enjoys making conversations with it. His latest passion is dancing and he devotes quite some time to it.


Ms. Lyubka Kotova (Ex-com)



Born in the first month of spring in sunny Sandanski, Bulgaria in 1988, Lyubka presently is finishing her double major bachelor degree in European Studies, Political Science and International Relations in the American University in Bulgaria. Her interests are concentrated on the spheres of European governance, Law and Human rights. Fluent in English and German, now her big challenge is French language.


During her education, Lyubka has finished successfully a traineeship at the Information Centre of the European Union, part of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria. She has been also involved in voluntary activity as a program coordinator of Step for Bulgarian Foundation. Besides, Lyubka has participated in a number of charity activities and workshops. Her greatest passion is mountain hiking and she does not miss the opportunity to be among the nature, ready to rush into some crazy adventure.


Lyubka’s MUN experience started in 2008 when she became part of MUN Club at AUBG. She was obsessed by the real MUN spirit later, in 2009 when she was chosen for Committee Assistant of the Human Rights Council at the second edition of the SOFIMUN in 2009. Now, she is convinced that the Model UN is a life-long experience. Sitting in sessions and having fun with people all over the world just for a week is an incredible and unforgettable adventure. Glad to be a part of the wonderful team of the SOFIMUN, Lyubka is expecting with great enthusiasm the third edition of this remarkable event.


“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Joshua J. Marine


Ms. Iwa Ditcheva (Ex-com)

Public Relations manager


In the end of her education at the American College of Sofia and in preparation for university, Iwa Ditcheva is brimming with enthusiasm and interest in current events, contemporary tendencies, and potential solutions with regional and world significance.


The culprit that was responsible for it: her first infection with the MUN virus in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, among outstanding high school students and near the national museums of cheese and beer. One month later, the disease developed at a different setting -- hot Sofia and intriguing university students with terrific personalities and superb erudition from all around the world – SOFIMUN 2009. At the next conference, NapoMUN in Romania, she met new and old cherished friends as well as traveled more than thousand kilometers by international trains, one of her most memorable journeys. Although various plans of more distant MUN-ing occupy her mind, she continues with MUN-ing in her free time as she partakes in or chairs conferences such as the sessions of the MUN club at the American College of Sofia and the National Qualification for International MUN Conferences, organized by SOFIMUN.


Her interests vary from Mathematics, Law, and Politics to Theater, Poetry, and Dancing. And she is very eager to see you all at SOFIMUN!


“The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner,” Ilija Trojanow, (A suggestion for an enchanting Southeastern European movie :))


Ms. Kristina Kovacheva (Ex-com)



Born in Svishtov, Bulgaria, Kristina decided to pursue a career in law after graduating a lyceum with economics and ancient languages in the Netherlands. Currently she’s still enrolled at the bachelor of Law program at the University of Amsterdam. Being partially raised in Bulgaria and partially in the Netherlands, Kristina is trying to obtain the best from both cultures and her experience of moving to the Netherlands increased dramatically her interests in foreign cultures and languages. She’s currently fluent in Dutch, Bulgarian and English and pursuing a minor in Danish next to her Bachelor of Law at the University of Amsterdam. One of her future goals is to be fluent in many more languages within the next 10 years, including Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese.


During her studies, Kristina has been an active member of the Students Law Society of the University of Amsterdam (called JFAS) and this year she got the honor of being one of its board members in a great team of young, motivated colleagues.


Discovering the world of Model UNs for the first time at SOFIMUN 2008, Kristina took the path of becoming active in the MUN society within the next 2 years, which took her to many cities all over Europe and created long-lasting friendships with motivated, open-minded young professionals. Her experience as delegate followed at ZAGIMUN 2008, BIMUN 2008 and BIMUN 2009. Her chairing experience continued with UNISCA 2009-2010, WORLDMUN 2009, MOSTIMUN 2009 and SOFIMUN 2009.


One of her greatest achievements this year is taking the MUN experience to the next level by obtaining the position of a recruiter at SOFIMUN 2010 together with her awesome co-recruiter Igor Paulic and by becoming Secretary General of MOSTIMUN 2010. She is proud to be involved and being able to realize one of the greatest international projects of 2010 as a manager of the Club and Partnerships Manager of the SOFIMUN Foundation NGO.


After falling in love with the SOFIMUN atmosphere right from the beginning at the first edition, Kristina would be more than glad to review all your applications and last but not least - give you the opportunity to be a part of and welcome you to the third edition of SOFIMUN!


Mr. Igor Paulic (Ex-com)



Croatian, adventurist and future lawyer, was born 23 years ago in Zagreb as a first child of my parents. He is finishing the 5th and the last year of his studies on Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Having been bored by everyday's rutine Igor started looking for an interesting way to spend the spare time he had so he started applying for MUN's, at that time completely unfamiliar concept. He really had no idea what to expect before the start of ZAGIMUN 2007, his debut in the world of diplomacy. So much positive energy, so many amazing people from all around the world, encouraging international ambience were just a a trigger to try his luck at other MUN's. Igor took part in SiMUN(Ljubljana), SOFIMUN twice and BIMUN/SINUB in 2009, where he got the Honorable Mention in International Labour Conference.


Interest in student activism made Igor join the best student association at Law Faculty Zagreb, „Pravnik“, where he was even elected as a President for one year which gave him the unforgetable experience concerning the wide scope of activities of this group . Two years ago Igor was a member of a moot court team of the Law faculty on a regional competition before ECHR where we won the 1st place. Because of that result he was awarded with Special Rector's Award and a Laude from Deen of the Law faculty. Secondly, Igor was awarded Deen's Award for the thesis on the legal protection of the sea environment in academic year 2008/09. Igor spent the winter semester of this academic year in Ghent as an exchange student.


„Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!“, Henry Red Sanders


Mr. Petko Popadiyski (ExCom)

IT manager


Born in the second largest Bulgarian city of Plovdiv in 1983, Petko graduated in applied mathematics. Since his early age he has been interested in new technology. Several years of working experience in IT companies has given him the confidence and the opportunity to travel and get better acquainted with European countries. After that he took the decision that he needed a change and he found a way to live in the marvelous country of Colombia for 9 months.


His first Model United Nations experience was at ZAGIMUN, where participating in the Human Rights Committee he became passionate about world issues and poverty. As part of this he participated in, "Un techo para mi pais", one of the biggest NGOs in South America, building houses in some extremely poor neighborhoods in Medellin, Columbia. He has also been an active member of the ecological NGO "Green Balkans", as well as participating in the international organization AIESEC. His broad range of interests includes adventure travel and extreme sports, and studying psychology and group dynamics, or anything which is crazy enough.


Ms. Maggie Zhelyazkova

Logistics and Events


After having been organizing this year’s SOFIMUN for the last few months, Maggie is thrilled with excitement for the conference to begin. Introduced to MUN only a year ago at SOFIMUN 2009, Maggie became MUN addicted for no time. She will never forget her first conference, all the crazy, but extremely nice people she met and all the fun times.


Since then Maggie has also gone to Qatar MUN in the beautiful and extremely hot city of Doha. The 2010 January Qatar Conference was another overwhelming experience, not just because of the exotic destination in the Middle East, but also because of the incredibly interesting people
and Eastern culture.


Maggie is born in the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, were she grew up. Her interests vary from current political and social events, world history and Balkan history to math and engineering, music and travelling and above all having a good time. Maggie spent her student years studying in prestigious international schools in Bulgaria. Currently she is taking classes focused primarily on twentieth century history and political events and other courses focused on high-level mathematics. Torn between her major interests – social studies and mathematics, Maggie is still hesitant on her future career choice – either a construction engineer or a career in politics and social sciences.


Maggie can’t wait to see all of you at the conference and is a little puzzled why all other Ex Coms and she had to write their autobiographies in the third person singular.


“A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”, Oscar Wilde


Mr. Asparuh Karastoyanov

Logistics and Events


Born in Bulgaria’s capital city during the chilly Februarian winter, Asparuh Karastoyanov is by far the most peculiar and difficult to comprehend, albeit pleasant and infinitely entertaining, character of the SOFIMUN team. A true Machiavellian at heart, Asparuh prides himself to be able to combine and unite almost- narcissistic arrogance, love of the spotlight, overly self-confidence and vaingloriousness together with devotion to his work, iron-clad loyalty to friends and family, a refined Western European diplomatic approach and etiquette of the highest echelon in the same body, an unusual combination of traits that he often uses to his advantage.


Asparuh is graduating the Anglo-American School of Sofia with High Honors and an International Baccalaureate Diploma and will be attending University in Geneva, Switzerland. There he will be majoring in International Relations and Political Science, while taking minors in Business Administration, as well as International Business and Criminal Law. The traditions of Rotary run deep in his family roots, and as such Asparuh has very close affiliation to those groups – himself being the Charter President of one of Rotary Sofia International’s Interact Clubs. During and after his studies Asparuh he will work for the United Nations, hoping to one day be an ambassador of the UN. Later on in his life, Asparuh wants to work in the European Union’s executive and legislative branches, believing he is one of the very few people on the Old Continent who have the necessary cultural blend to understand both the vibrant West and the ex-communist East, as well as the desire to create a system that works for the true benefit of all its members, instead of drenching them in an unfortunate bureaucratic façade. A bit too gargantuan? Perhaps. Some say Asparuh = “Ambitions ‘ R ‘ Us”, and are probably right, but that certainly can only be a benefit, definitely not a detriment.


He speaks English and Bulgarian perfectly, both of them being his mother tongues. In combination with those two, he has a very good grasp of French (that he aims to master in Geneva) and Macedonian, as well as a limited understanding of German. Asparuh says he is fascinated by ancient cultures and languages, and spends months at a time tracing and bettering his understanding of various lost civilizations from around the world. Due to an interesting proceeding of events in his life, he is Eastern Orthodox by birth, but Catholic by familial affiliation – a very rare mix that have slowly made Christian history and mythology a personal zeal of his.


Raised in the spheres of Bulgaria’s political and business elite, Asparuh has been taught how to always act, think and feel like the most powerful, successful and influential personas in today’s world – a skill set that always keeps him one step ahead of anyone who unwisely dares to go toe-to-toe with him. A visionary at heart, Asparuh believes himself to be a modern-day manifestation of Mikhail Gorbachev, Che Guevara, Otto von Bismarck and Winston Churchill as his political views are a highly condensed mixture of leftist liberalism and democratic Realpolitik. By now it is apparent why Asparuh caught the MUN-virus. Impatient to begin his political conquests, UN simulations gave him the ability to make long speeches and extensively debate his views, forcing those around him to listen whether they wanted to or not. Asparuh believes that MUN’s are one of the best and most pleasant organized events in today’s world, and are the only organized events that manage to both discuss the most important topics of the day and still allow the participants to go all out in the party arenas. He has extensive MUN experience including Best Delegate Awards and Honorable Mentions. Do not for a second however think Asparuh is even a tad boring or too serious. When work is done, his Balkan spirit ignites and he is the first on the dance floor, and certainly the last to leave the club, often taking full advantage of his very good friendship with Mr.’s Daniels and Walker and the Comrades Smirnoff and Standart.


“Victory by all means necessary” - Sir Winston Churchill


Mr. Lubomir Zhelehanov

Logistics and Events


Born in the middle of the summer of 1991, Lubomir Zhelehanov was given a start of a very controversial life. Being only child he was always given the best from his parents. A very social and positive person together with various sports practices, he was regularly attending English lessons for a total of ten years. Throughout his education he changed a few schools, among which, "Professional Telecommunication Technologies School A. S. Popov". Now eighteen years old, he is a senior student in the Anglo-American School of Sofia, where he was accepted as a scholarship student in 2007.


After Lubomir graduates from the AAS, he is hoping to be accepted in the next level of education with a scholarship once again, and looks forward to receiving a degree in Social Studies or Management, and at the same time to remain close to his family and friends. Having himself faced and overcome many controversial moments in his life, at this young age Lubomir has learned that the thing that matters most in life is to love and help his relatives, because they are indeed the people who would support him. On his way to becoming a successful and responsible person though, he would not rely on the help of anyone or anything other than his personal intelligence and ambition.


Lubomir Zhelehanov speaks fluently English and has a practically useful understanding of French and Spanish. The languages for him are an essential part of his future plans, because he is planning to work in the sector of International Relations. For him, variety in the everyday life is probably the most important thing and this is why he hopes to find realization in working with people from all around the world. Lubomir also has a keen interest in the areas of European history and Biology, as he finds them an essential knowledge, because they create the complex connection between past, present and future.


Even though the Rotarian traditions are a relatively new aspect of his life, Lubomir is dedicated to his work in the Interact Sofia International Club. The SOFIMUN 2010 would be a great chance for him to use and improve his communication skills, get used to working with the others in the creation of something so important and grandiose, and prove that he possesses the sense of responsibility required for the task. Lubomir hopes that he would fit the team and help as much as he can - share all hard work and creativity, problem resolving and consideration, and last, but not least all the joyful moments spent with the rest of the team.


"One learns during his lifetime"




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